The iPOPs laboratory will involve the whole of Ined and its governance will be both specific and at the same time coordinated with that of the Institute.

Executive directorate

The role of iPOPs executive directorate will be to organize the system of collaboration between the various research partners, to oversee project advancement, to define the strategy for protection of intellectual property rights with the support of the services devoted to developing the utilization of results, and to implement appropriate communication tools for attracting public and private partners. The iPOPs director will be the director of INED, assisted by two researchers in charge of teaching and exploitation of results, and by a secretariat which will also be responsible for the day-to-day running of the laboratory, in association with the INED general secretary.


• Magda Tomasini  - Directrice
• Aline Désesquelles - Directrice déléguée à la recherche
• William Molmy - Secrétaire général délégué aux partenariats
• Laurent Toulemon - Délégué aux infrastructures de recherche
• Didier Breton - Délégué à l’insertion et représentant des partenaires iPOPs
• Emilie Counil - Déléguée aux affaires doctorales et postdoctorales
• Hind Limouni - Responsable de l'organisation du Conseil

Council of laboratory partners

A council of laboratory partners will be responsible for supporting and advising the laboratory director. It will meet at least once a year and will comprise representatives of the INED board of administration, along with a representative of each scientific or financial partner.


• Jean-Claude Wacquet - EPHE, campus Condorcet
• Jean-Marc Tallon - CES, Université Paris I
• Yves Charbit - CEPED, Université Paris Descartes
• Christophe Bergouignan - COMPTRASEC, Université Montesquieu - Bordeaux IV
• Didier Breton - CRESS, Université de Strasbourg
• Hugues Brunet - Pres Hésam
• Danièle Hervieu-Léger - Conseil d’administration de l’Ined
• Claudia Senik - Conseil d’administration de l’Ined
• Yves Jalmain - Conseil d’administration de l’Ined
• Ariane Pailhé - Élue du personnel de l’Ined
• Patrick Simon - Élu du personnel de l’Ined

International scientific council

An international scientific council will give its expert opinion regarding the orientations and, based on an annual self-assessment, the scientific activity of iPOPs. It will comprise five representatives elected by the INED scientific council, including at least two foreigners, along with an eminent person appointed by each partner.

Selection and evaluation Committee

Last, the role of the selection and evaluation committee, comprising a representative of each university partner, will be to select the beneficiaries of the grants proposed by the excellence fund, on the basis of an international call for applicants communicated widely by the scientific partners. It will also assess the activity of grant recipients on a regular basis.


Membres élus représentant les unités de recherche de l'Ined

• Carole Bonnet - titulaire
• Stéphanie Condon - titulaire
• Valérie Golaz - titulaire
• Lionel Kesztenbaum - titulaire
• Virginie Rozée - titulaire
• Louise Caron - suppléante
• Xavier Thierry - suppléante

Membre représentant des partenaires iPOPs

• Christophe Bergouignan – titulaire

• Armelle Andro – Suppléante

Membres extérieurs nommés

•  Olivier Baguelin - titulaire
• Thierry Eggerickx - titulaire
• Alexandra Filhon - titulaire
• Marie Loison lerustre - titulaire
• Angela Greulich - suppléante
• Christine Schnor - suppléante